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Family Day Care Queensland

Providing support and resources to Queensland Family Day Care services, educators and families.

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is exceptional education and care provided by a qualified educator in their own home. FDC is flexible, affordable and local care for families.

  • Home-based, family-like environment

    Family Day Care is regulated early years education and care provided in a nurturing home environment.

  • Compassionate, caring and skilled educators

    Family Day Care promotes a natural approach to play and learning delivered by a qualified Educator. Educators and families work together and build genuine, lasting relationships.

  • Affordable early years education and care with government subsidies available

    Families receive quality, flexible and affordable early years education and care.

Make Family Day Care your forever job

Start your own home business and take control of your career today!

  • Control your income

    Set your own hourly fees and control how much you earn.

  • Nurture individual development

    Design personalised educational programs to foster the development of each individual child.

  • Choose your own hours

    Set your hours of business to benefit your own family. You decide when you work!

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