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About us

Queensland's Peak Family Day Care body

We are a not for profit, Peak organisation, who have been providing advocacy, resources and support to Queensland Family Day Care services for over 40 years.

Leading the sector in  exceptional home-based early childhood education and care

As the Peak, we support Family Day Care services, families and educators by providing information, advice and resources, as well as delivering professional development and training.

  • Support, promote and advocate 
    for the Family Day Care sector.

  • Guide educators to start their own small business with a local FDC service who supports their success.

  • Help families find exceptional, local family day care services and Educators.

A message from our CEO

Welcome to Family Day Care Queensland

The first five years of a child’s life are a time of incredible growth and development. 

For over 40 years, we have committed to giving Queensland children the best start to life, for a successful future. Our purpose is to lead, grow and promote exceptional homebased education and care. We are passionate about local communities, inclusion and developing meaningful relationships with educators, children and families. We support the sector through representation and advocacy. FDCQ promotes opportunities to enable safe, reciprocal and meaningful relationships that respect the unique cultures and value different perspectives.

We recognise the importance of creating diverse communities that holistically support families from birth throughout life. We acknowledge families are a child’s first educator. Within family day care, we replicate the genuine, safe family relationships, formed from learning within the home, with trusted, experienced and qualified educators; respecting culture, relationship and nature.

To our Educators, families, children and members; thank you for your commitment to home-based early years education and care. For envisaging change and embracing reflective practice that shapes the way forward. Thank you for giving our children the best start to life and learning.

Jason de Bakker • CEO


FDCQ Board

The Board is responsible for ensuring FDCQ meets legal requirements and remains accountable to all stakeholders. The purpose of the Board is to supervise the overall compliance and business performance of the organisation.

The FDCQ Board is skills based with member representation. Directors are appointed based on their skill, expertise and their belief in the value of exceptional home-based education and care. 

Our Values

Our values guide the behaviour of the Peak and the work we do within the family day care sector.

Children and families are our heart

  • We listen and respond
  • We speak up and protect
  • We are responsible and accountable

We play well with others

  • We share ideas, challenges and successes
  • We are relationship-oriented and task-focused
  • We do what we say we will do

We colour outside the lines

  • We are change creators, makers and champions
  • We seek solutions powered by curiosity and creativity
  • Our success lies in the extra mile

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Our Belief

Successful futures start early.

Our Purpose

To lead, promote and grow exceptional home-based education and care.

Strategic Priorities


To lead the sector in innovative, quality and evidence-informed home-based education and care.


To promote the benefits of home-based education and care for children, families and the borader community.


To grow the size and capacity of the home-based education and care sector.

Strategic Enablers


To enable, empower and invest in our people to achieve our goals.


To strengthen our viability and capacity by applying diligent and transparent governance and financial management.


To adopt agile, sustainable and compliant processes and systems to enable us to deliver our goals.

Sector Chart

FDC Sector Overview

FDC Sector roles and responsibilities

  • Educator

    Qualified Educators who are engaged and supported by a local Family Day Care service to provide exceptional early years education and care to small groups of children in their own home. FDC Educators are guided by the National Quality Framework to deliver play-based programs that support each child’s learning and development.

  • Administration Officer

    Services employ administration staff who are primarily responsible for managing administrative and record keeping requirements such as child enrolments and attendance, Educator and staff registers and processing government childcare subsidy payments. Administration roles may also include delivering training and support to guide Educators business skill and knowledge.

  • Coordinator / Practice Mentor

    Coordinators are employed by Family Day Care Services to mentor and support Educators to successfully deliver exceptional home-based education and care. Coordinators guide Educators best practice to ensure Educators commitment to comply with National Quality Framework and relevant legislation. The Coordinators role may include, Educator recruitment and induction, regular home assessments and visits and professional development. Coordinators often deliver playgroups and liaise with families to ensure each child’s education and care requirements are supported. Coordinators may also fulfill the NQF requirements as the services Educational Leader and provide support for program and practice throughout the service.

  • Approved Providers / Service / Managers

    The Approved Provider of a Family Day Care service is the person responsible for maintaining compliance to the Service Approval. Depending on the size of the FDC service, the Approved Provider may also hold the role of Nominated Supervisor and/or Service Manager. Each of these positions have the overall responsibility for managing the delivery of the service in accordance to the National Quality Framework, including ensuring compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and the engagement of Service staff and Educators.

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