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Become a Family Day Care Educator

Start your own home business and take control of your career today!

The benefits of being a FDC educator

  • Control your income

    Set your own hourly fees and control how much you earn.

  • Nurture individual development

    Create personalised educational programs to foster the development of each individual child.

  • Choose your own hours

    Set your hours of business operation. You decide when you work!

  • Stay at home with your own children

    Care for your own children in the comfort of your own home, whilst earning a great income.

Educator Testimonial

“I can’t see myself doing anything different.”

I started my family day care 19 years ago to stay home with my son and I've never looked back. I can't see myself doing anything different. They are an extension of my family.

Educator Testimonial

“I love the children! They are like my own grandkids. I love seeing them become who they should be.”

Services and Coordination Units support every educator

FDC Educators are supported by a Service of their choice. Coordination Unit staff are there to support Educators by providing guidance and personalised assistance. Coordination Unit support includes:

  • Educator induction
  • Personalised support
  • Professional development
  • Administration support
  • Safety assessments
  • Marketing support
  • Technical support
  • Compliance support to ensure Educators meet required legislative standards
  • In home, face to face visits
  • Curriculum support and advice
  • Child enrolments
  • Referring families to suitable vacancies
  • Providing feedback to families regarding their child/rens' learning outcomes
  • Providing alternative care arrangements when regular Educator is unavailable or unwell

How to become an Educator:

  • Ensure you have made a claim for CCS.
  • Find a service or Educator in your area with current or future vacancies (service locator)
  • Complete required documentation for service and enrolment.
  • Visit the educator's home environment.
  • Ensure the Educator can meet your child/family's needs.
  • Congratulations you are a FDC Educator!
Available Jobs

Questions to help you find a service that best fits you

  • How do you support your educators and how often?
  • What are the set-up/registration costs and ongoing costs?
  • What are your policies and procedures?
  • How do families looking for care enrol with your service?
  • What professional development opportunities are available?
  • Are there alternative care arrangements for families when I am unwell or on leave?


  • Does the philosophy of the service match my own values and beliefs?
  • Is the type and amount of support offered what I am needing at this point in my career? Does it cater to how I learn?
  • Did I feel welcomed when communicating with the service?
  • Do I feel valued?


Find a Service that best suits your needs and they will help you with the following requirements:

  • Do you have an early childhood education qualification?
  • Do you have a current First Aid and CPR certificate?
  • Do you have your own ABN?
  • Are you making/can you make your own Super contributions?
  • Is your environment approved/safe for children?
  • Do family members over the age of 18, who live with you, have Blue Cards/Working with Children Check?

Start your Family Day Care journey now

Find your preferred FDC Service

To find an approved Family Day Care services, simply enter your postcode. Family Day Care services are shown as green pins.

Here you will find phone and email information to contact a Family Day Care Service to start your Family Day Care career!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need experience as a Family Day Care (FDC) Educator. However, FDC Educators must hold a minimum of a Certificate III in Children Services or Early Childhood, or be actively working towards their qualification. In addition, all FDC Educators must hold a current First Aid, Asthma, Anaphylaxis and CPR qualification, Blue Card/Working with Children Check.

No. However, you may be required to obtain written permission from your landlord. Please speak with your preferred service for specific details.

Yes. However, at a minimum, they must hold a Blue Card/Working with Children Check. Each service may have additional requirements for adult occupants.

Yes. We know pets are a part of your family! Keep in mind there are safety requirements around sharing space and supervision. For more information, please speak with your preferred service to understand their specific requirements.

Yes. Family Day Care Educators can have a pool within their environment. You will be required to have a pool safety certificate.

Educators can care for a maximum of seven (7) children, with a maximum of four (4) children, under school age. Ratios include an FDC Educator’s own children, under the age of 13 years, unless there is always another adult available and responsible to care for them.

FDC Educators can earn $80k per year or more, depending on the hours provided and the number of children in care. Annual salaries are determined by the individual Educator and how they run their business. Educators set their own hours, fees and control how much they earn.

A number of services have waiting lists of families waiting for vacancies to open up across Queensland. Your chosen service will help you fill your vacancies from current waiting lists. Alternatively most services will assist you and/or provide you with guidance for recruiting families. If you would prefer, you can fill your vacancies yourself from your local community.

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