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Family Day Care Service & Coordination Units

Family Day Care Educators are supported by a Service of their choice. Each Service has at least one central office, often known as the Coordination Unit, located in metropolitan, rural and remote regions across Queensland.


Coordination Units support Educators, families and children

Educator Induction

A detailed induction program for all onboarding Educators.

Personalised Support

Ongoing consistent support, personalised to each Educators.

Professional Development

Access to professional development and training opportunities.

Technical Support

Administers timesheets and pays the Child Care Subsidy to Educators on behalf of families.


Compliance support to ensure Educators meet the required legislative standards.

In-Home Visits

Hands on support by conducting regular visits to Educator's homes.

Safety Assessments

Conducts regular assessments to ensure the safety of children whilst in care.

Curriculum Advice

Curriculum support and guidance in creating personalised learning programs.

Family Interviews

Conducts interviews with prospective families on behalf of Educators.


Refers enrolling families to Educators with suitable vacancies.


Provides feedback to families regarding their children's learning outcomes.

Alternative Care

Provides alternative care arrangements when regular Educator is unavailable, where possible.

Professional Development

All Training
Other Modules

Understanding Critical Reflection Bundle

Educator Induction

Educator Induction Program

Other Modules

QA1 Educational Program and Practice

Leadership Training

Successful Leaders Program

Leadership Training

Distributed Leadership in Family Day Care

Mandatory Training

Food Safety and Food Hygiene

Educator Induction

Child Protection - QLD Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Mandatory Training

Safe Sleeping in Family Day Care



    There are a range of legislative requirements that each Family Day Care Service (Approved Provider, Coordination Unit staff and Educators) must comply with. These include

    How to Apply Legislative Requirements

    The documents below have been created using relevant legislation to support services to understand and apply requirements

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You are required to follow numerous steps to open a FDC service. These steps are outlined on the Australian Children Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website - Opening a new service

    The following course provides an overview of the application process and consideration for Family Day Care Service Approval. Please contact us if you require additional information and support and click here for the Provider and Service Approval resource.

    To operate a service, you will need to apply for provider approval and service approval. You can apply for these online after registering an account on the NQA IT System

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